Dubai Motor Festival 2014 – Headed to Set Two New Guinness World Records

Did you remember that Porsche GT1 and the Ferrari Enzo at the 2013 Dubai Motor Festival? There is a lot more to come this November.

Filled with incredible enthusiasm, indeed the event attracted countless automobile fans, industry analysts, critics and most importantly a huge number of tourists to the event and the Grand Parade of 500 cars.

Porsche GT1 - Dubai Motor Show 2013Following the vivacious event of Dubai Motor Show 2013, officials have planned another one for this year. From the most luxurious and exotic cars up to the more dynamic and smart cars featuring the latest technologies and trending consumer demands across the globe, you have got another chance to celebrate your passion this November.

Highlights from the 2013 Dubai Motor Festival

Dubai Motor Show 2013 - DubaiKicking off the event early morning, the event not just started with great synergies that came along from across the globe but brought incredible liveliness to the event and kept its visitors on the edge by infusing these thrilling activities;

  • The Dubai Grand Parade
  • Red Bull Car Park Drift
  • The RTA Distinctive Number Plate Auction
  • Nissan Off-Road Experience
  • Hyundai World Cup Competition
  • Wheels Pirelli Pit-Stop Challenge

Why people are more curious for the 2014 Dubai Motor Show?

Dubai Motor Festival 2014 - Formula One Rent a CarInfusing the beauty of automobile industry, auto enthusiasts and latest developments in the automobile domain by bringing in the most diverse automobile brands under one roof, the event planners have set some challenging benchmarks making it an outlandish event starting from Nov 19th 2014.

The Two New Guinness World Records by Dubai Motor Festival

Celebrating the passion with the most exclusive and exotic cars and bikes well-regarded for their dynamic designs, features, performance, luxury and status, the event will make its very own impression by setting two new Guinness World Records;

  • Most number of automobile brands in the parade
  • The longest selfie relay chain

While planning to set the first record for the most number of automobile brands, organizers have already arranged more than 500 cars from 50 different car brands taking part in the grand parade.

Register and Participate for Free

Have you got the most exotic, worth giving and an exclusive car? Don’t wait, register now for the Dubai Grand Parade 2014 and get a chance to participate for free in this breathtaking event.

For those who never knew about who has already attempted to set the record for the longest selfie relay chain, it was actually Samsung Electronics America in alliance with Habitat for Humanity, achieved the same record title but with 283 people in the relay chain in Los Angeles whereas you have got an exclusive chance to spectate the world’s longest selfie relay chain consisting of more than 300 people covering the entire parade at the 2014 Dubai Motor Festival.

In addition to that the event won’t drop its indefinite pace because there is a fleet of 10 of the world’s fastest and most exotic cars that are all above AED 1 Million deployed for you to take a fully free of cost ride around the city. Plan now for one of the most memorable days of your life and stay engaged with Formula One to get every single update covering the entire event.



The Ferrari Fan Page Dispute Continues; Both The Carmaker and Facebook are in trouble

It’s not just that people interact with each other but it’s more about the various identities interacting with each other. Social Media has now become one of the most powerful and influential platform for both the people and brands’ where providing numerous social media marketing tactics and features, Facebook marks itself on top of the list.

From small scale businesses up to businesses with  global operations there are now millions of official Facebook Fan Pages for each of them serving the very primary features of building strong engagement with their valued customers, followers and accessing relevant target audience that ultimately transforms into successful customers.

According to a recent article on the Automotive News Blog, the story starts from a lately filed lawsuit in the California State Court that follows a complex dispute between the two Swiss individuals and Ferrari ultimately dragging the social media giant into the case as well.

News sources have revealed that the Swiss Father and his son, Olivier and Sammy Wasem had originally created the Ferrari Fan Page weighing a lot more than the original one that the Italian car manufacturer created for their company. The conflict gets more critical when back in 2012 Facebook with greater inclination towards the Italian automobile brand revoked Olivier and Sammy Wasem’s access to the more successful Ferrari fan page and abruptly assigned an official Ferrari administration access to it without any notice to the real owners breaching their own set of rules and policies for Fan Pages.

It has been also identified that Ferrari had been in great negotiations with Olivier and Sammy Wasem offering them to develop a mutual sense of ownership and administration to the Facebook Page but the real owners have actually sued both Facebook and Ferrari that will cost these big names with a $174 to $1000 per follower when it comes to calculating the advertising revenue for each of the fan engaged with the page. From the biggest automobile market segments up to the best car hire services providers in the UAE, everyone is still curious to know what going to be a definitive settlement in this regard.

Formula One Becomes An Exclusive Rent A Car Partner With Flynas Airlines

Continuing the mission to progress as a highly efficient car rental company that values quality and courteous service, Formula One Rent a Car achieves another strategic milestone of becoming an exclusive rent a car partner with Flynas Airline, leading low-cost carrier with added value (Low Cost Carrier Plus) from Saudi Arabia.

Formula One Rent a Car

Toyota Camry 2014 – Redefining Style, Power and Exclusivity

Successfully adapting to numerous market trends, this year’s Toyota Camry stands out of the crowd with its bold tagline that states “turning on everything”. While providing performance that redefines power and precision at its best, the car successfully satisfied its customers and market demands across the globe.

Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan has been continually providing cars that delight their customers with the best level of style, comfort, safety and performance spanning multiple years of continuous improvement since 1962.

Formula One Rent A Car

The Toyota Camry compared to many of its rivals, provides an ultramodern design, extended room capacity inside it and performance that’s too good while considered under the common performance variables.

The 3.5-Litre V6 engine is fully capable of producing a total of 286hp while delivering you with the most demanded driving experience based on Toyota’s historical promise to its. The front wheel drive train intelligently combined with an electronically controlled automatic overdrive transmission system (ECT-i) and Sequential Shift Mode proves to be some of the most highlighted and key performance variables.

Formula One Rent A Car

Ranked 7 out of 21 affordable cars, Camry has challenged its rival with new benchmarks when it comes to deliver the best level of comfort and safety. Premium quality upholstery, greater room inside, dedicated sliding sunshade and smart features such as an intelligent multimedia system, navigation, voice recognition, hands-free phone accessibility, Entune App Suite and much more altogether develops a significant difference from its competitors.

Industry critics and test drivers have significantly identified that the car’s unique aerodynamics and the best combination between torque and power are some of the key role playing factors that delivers you an exclusive driving experience.

Swiftly becoming one of the most favorite economical cars for the global automobile industry and Toyota Enthusiasts, Toyota Camry successfully started gaining huge sales and market segments demand as it revealed itself to the global automotive community.

Without leaving any noticeable negativity to the industry’s best automobile critics and test drivers, the Toyota Camry still manages to hold its standing on top of the list delighting both the sellers and car hire services in Dubai.

Nissan Sentra – One of the world’s favorite affordable cars

When it comes to seeking balance between style and affordability, The 2014 Nissan Sentra comes on top of the list. Nissan Motor Corporation, the best Japanese multinational automobile manufacturer achieves another milestone of manufacturing an affordable car that performs well on both highways and city lanes.

While producing a total of 130hp with a 1.8L 4-Cylinder engine, the Sentra is at its best providing you with great performance and fuel efficiency. Achieving 39mpg on highways is what attracted the most of industry critics. A part from facts based on valid numbers; there are a number of new features introduced by the manufacturer in the 2014 model.

Formula One Rent A Car - Dubai

Sentra’s speed sensitive electric steering, Eco and Sports Drive modes and the Nissan Xtronic CVT (Continuous Variable Transmission) system are some of the most highlighted and value added features bringing extended performance and a delighted drive. With Nissan’s latest Xtronic Technology you get increased fuel efficiency, performance and control over the drive.

While noticing an ample room in the back seat and an overall sophistication in the car interior, test drivers have concluded that the car is undoubtedly one of the best models providing great room capacity but on the drivers’ end, the seats are set a bit higher resulting less headroom.

Formula One Rent A Car - Dubai

Providing a CD player with aux audio jack, it delivers a great experience for the music enthusiasts where value-added options like the 8-Speaker Bose audio system, USB connectivity and the touch navigation panel are just incredible. Smart features such as the NissanConnect lets you bring the most interesting multimedia experience by connecting with various social media apps.

Comparing the car with some of its prominent rivals such as the Ford Focus and the Mazda Mazda3, test drivers found it really interesting at overall handling and shock absorbing capacity but a bit unexciting when it comes to delivering a more radical drive but even though the car has established its unique impression in the market where many of the global automobile market segments and majority of the car hire service providers favorite the Nissan Sentra as one of the best and highly affordable car of the year 2014.


Reviewing the 2014 Beetle GSR 2.0T

Beetle GSR 2.0T

Following our last post reviewing the all-new 2014 Beetle Edition, we already stated that Volkswagen has arrived in 4 distinctive models developing a unique combination of economy and performance for the fans. Let us now have a look on the Beetle GSR 2.0T model.

2014 Beetle GSR - Formula One Rent a Car

With a slight difference in price here you get an ultra-modern performance with the all new Beetle GSR 2.0T featuring the classical heritage from the Volkswagen. The flagship model features a dedicated power tilting/sliding panoramic sunroof and Fender® Audio System with 8 components and a dedicated sub-woofer by default.

The key Performance Indicators

When it comes to the performance variables of the GSR 2.0T, the car is powered with a 2.0L engine producing a total of 210 HP doing 23 MPG in city and 31 MPG on highways driven with a 6 Speed manual or 6 Speed DSG fully automatic Tiptronic transmission system.


2014 Beetle GSR Engine -Formula One Rent a Car

For accompanying greater road grip and great performance for efficiently cornering the narrowest curves, the car is equipped with 19” Tornado alloy wheels.

Interior and Exterior

The Beetle GSR 2.0T is featured with a stock yellow black racer color theme with the GSR logos on the door panel along with the GSR badging and a dedicated GSR rear spoiler. For bringing in the real sporting experience the car encompasses Bi-Xenon headlights with high intensity LED and Daytime Running Lights.

2014 Beetle GSR  Interior - Formula One Rent a Car

While enlightening the exotic interior, the car features with a dash mounted cluster gauge having an oil temperature indicator, boost pressure and sport lap timers, a multifunction fully sport steering wheel and the ultimate key-less access with a single push button start feature.

Reviewing the 2014 Beetle by Volkswagen

The 2014  1.8T/2.5L Beetle by Volkswagen

With an iconic design and performance, Volkswagen honors the most classical “Beetle” by launching its all-new 2014 model that redefines your most favorite classical version of the “Bug” you loved the most.

Volkswagen astonished the entire global automobile industry and its fans with the 2014 Beetle edition that not just redefines its existence but in addition to that the manufacturer has significantly emphasized on the key performance variables relishing their fans to confidently stand by their rivals.

The new model covers four different releases accompanying diverse demands from the fans that ultimately cater extended market segments through one dynamic model. Let us now get into revealing the highlights that are meant to astound you by all means.

With a very unique price mix, Volkswagen has dynamically assimilated the possibilities for drivers having diverse interests from around the world namely;

  • Beetle 1.8T/2.5L
  • Beetle R-Line 2.0T
  • Beetle TDI® Clean Diesel
  • Beetle GSR 2.0T

While critically looking on to the general specifications and basic features the manufacturer has provided you with the options of having a panoramic sunroof, Sound system and navigation.

Beetle 1.8T/2.5L

The 1.8T/2.5L is the basic version of the latest Beetle from Volkswagen. Supported with a startup pricing strategy that is incredibly affordable, you get three prominent options for purchasing a Beetle as follows.

  • 8T/2.5L without sunroof
  • 8T/2.5L with sunroof
  • 8T/2.5L with sunroof, sound and navigation

 2014 Beetle Panoramic Sunroof - Formula One Rent a Car


Key Performance Indicators

A part from the well-defined basic options the 1.8T features you with a 1.8L engine producing a maximum of 170HP while staying highly economical and fuel efficient by giving 24 MPG in city where as 33 MPG on highways. In addition to the performance variables the car features you with a 5 speed manual transmission system and 6 speed automatic Tiptronic and Sports modes respectively.

While focusing to provide greater traction for the drivers the Beetle is equipped with 17” Turbine alloy wheels. The 2.5L without differentiating much from that of the 1.8L features a 2.5L engine producing a total of 170HP with extended acceleration capacity while other things remain constant.

Interior and Exterior

The iconic design contributes the most in developing the latest models deliver you the best look and feel of the car that is just not upgraded but superimposes the classical ambiance when you are inside supported with the latest smart options you have ever dreamed of having in your personal Beetle.

2014 Beetle Engine - Formula One Rent a Car

A number of unique colors are already available to choose by default whereas the interior assimilates a mix of Bluetooth with complete audio streaming options, MDI support for your iPod, a brilliant sound system with dedicated 8 speakers, a multifunction steering wheel wrapped with a sophisticated leather cover, three color ambient lighting system, V-Tex leatherette seating with a value added option for 50/50 split folding rear seats.

Hope you have enjoyed reviewing the all new bug on our blog. Stay engaged with Formula One because it is not only about being one of the best rent a car in Dubai but contributing the best to the global automobile fans through exciting news, updates and car reviews.


Our mission is to progress as a highly efficient car rental company that values quality and courteous service.

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